• Fear.

    We are currently living in uncharted waters and times. I have asked many of our grandparents if anything like this has happened in their time. Their answer. No. They have, however, lived through other tough times. Some of them through the great depression. Some through World War II. Some through the Vietnam War. Some of…

  • More Time.

    “I wish I had more time.” “I thought I had more time.” Basically, my parenting life to date. I wish I had more time with Jackson. Yup, there I said it. I have mom guilt most of the time. I work too many hours, too many days, too often, and too hard. I love my…

  • Guilt and Comparison

    I know I told y’all that my 2020 word of the year was self. And I talked about how I wanted 2020 to be more about myself in an attempt to be the best version of myself. Well, prior to that I had something that has been pressing on my heart for some time now.…

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