The Call.

Let’s get to the good stuff already. We had plenty of false alarms along the way, and a few “situations” we turned down as we didn’t feel adequate enough or enough awareness to raise a child being born addicted to this drug or that drug. We finally got “the call” on March 19, 2014. We had received an e-mail a few days before from our social worker about a situation with a birth mom in Madison and also another one that had inquired about us. So when I got the call (while at work) on March 19th, I remember asking “should I be sitting down?” And then she said, “Yes, knowing you, you probably should sit down.”

Thankfully I have an incredibly supportive and thoughtful co-worker who thought to take a picture of me, getting “the phone call!”


I sat down and I cried as she told me a birth mom wanted to meet with us. At this point in our journey, I was doubtful this would ever become possible so when I heard the words come out of her mouth; my first reaction was to cry. Not cry sad tears but cry tears of complete joy, happiness, and shock. This was a Wednesday and the birth mom (Heather—I have Heather’s permission to share our story and use her name—also she has agreed to share some posts on here as well!!!) was scheduled for an ultra sound the following Thursday (1 week and 1 day later) and wanted to meet us on Monday. Wow, that was fast. This was really happening. How do you prepare yourself for meeting the woman who may change your life forever? You don’t. You simply pray. It was out of our hands. We were just going to be ourselves and let God handle the rest.


2 responses to “The Call.”

  1. I ‘m glad you have that picture, it’s a day I won’t forget either. I’ve been honored to be a part of it .


    1. Incredibly thankful you thought of it! And for your friendship!


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