Heather’s Comments.

Every time I read this book to Jackson, I can’t help but cry.

In case you didn’t see Heather’s comments on JJ’s post yesterday, I have added them to the blog. Again, this kind of stuff showcases why we think open adoption is so important, at least for us, why it is so important. JJ, you are so amazing! There’s no other woman who would be a better mom for Jackson than Jessica, and there’s no other man who would be a greater father than you!! I want you guys to have so much confidence in yourselves. I know this parenting thing is hard, but you guys truly are doing an awesome job, and are THE BEST!
I honestly and firmly believe that this world isn’t going to change Jackson, I believe Jackson is going to change this world! My heart rejoices for Jackson knowing he has you both as his parents, his role models, and his leaders in this world.
This world definitely is heavy, heartbreaking, and sometimes scary…. but I truly believe he will have everything he needs and more to be the greatest he can be… (he already has everything he needs and more)

Even though I absolutely 100% believe Nurture will ALWAYS beat Nature —
I would like to share this, being his birth mom… Just in case he’s anything like me. Just in case at any point in his life it can help! When I was a child, I tried to be kind to everyone, but I got bullied really bad. (kids can be so cruel, and I’m sure every single person on this planet has experienced bullying – sadly)..

I was very smart in school, got straight A’s, had huge glasses, and was overweight my whole life.. People made fun of me constantly, and I allowed it to change my own view of myself!

I was naturally very insecure, no confidence whatsoever, and never really knew how to love myself, and sadly, the bullying made it a whole lot worse!
So, that’s the 1 thing I want for all my children – for them to absolutely LOVE themselves (in the most humble way), to be confident in who they are, no matter what anyone else says or thinks! I want them to be SO HAPPY to be who they are – Love who they are! ALWAYS love themselves!!! (It took me way more than 20 years to learn how to love myself!)

Another big thing is teaching my children that exercising should definitely be a part of everyday life. To stay healthy & active is important – I already know you guys will take care of that! (Just a reminder, I’m just sharing all of this just in case it is help at any point in his life – just in case he’s anything like me at all)

Secondly, I would want you guys to know that I always stayed quiet about everything that made me sad, or things that were hurting me.. I just kept it all in, unless someone else brought it up, or I HAD to bring it up.. I encourage you to be those “annoying” super involved parents who lovingly and gently ask so many questions and want to know everything about his day, and encourage him to tell you guys everything. What makes him sad, too. Just EVERYTHING! You know Jackson, and you will know if something may be bothering him. He’s going to be GREAT having you both as his anchors in this world. He’s going to prosper in all ways, I just KNOW this..

Also, when he is older, and if you feel it could benefit him – I would be more than happy to sit down and talk to him about addictions & substance abuse and my personal experiences and provide him with the first hand truth of how horrible substance abuse can and will affect your life.. I actually plan on having that sit down with my children when they are older as well. I know that telling them my personal experiences will have a greater impact than reading about substances and their effects in a book. Just letting you know – I am here for WHATEVER, WHENEVER!!!

But, you guys totally got this!!! With our Lord as your guide. & remember that verse you dedicated to Jackson, Ephesians 1:16-17. He will know him!

Sorry if I wrote too much! Love you guys!


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