First Christmas.


I can’t believe how many positive messages I have received regarding the blog, our story, my openness, etc. So, first I wanted to say thank you for the love and support. And wasn’t it wonderful to hear from my awesome husband in the last post! Woohoo for all the awesome dads out there because I know Jackson’s got one of the best dads around! But now, back to where I left off some time ago. Our journey to this point, as a quick re-cap went something like this: we spent three days in the hospital with Heather, went to the termination of parental rights hearing with her, saw her again when Jackson was dedicated to the church, and then… There was a little lull before seeing them again.  We did have a very short visit around Thanksgiving with her kiddos and her dad (as they have family that lived in the same town as us).

But then we received the most precious Christmas gift for Jackson. The below blanket showcases pictures of Jackson’s birth family. Not just Heather, her mom, her dad, her children, but of her extended family, including a picture of Grandpa Lawrence, whom Jackson got his middle name from. What a thoughtful and amazing gift for Jackson. Before we moved this last spring, this blanket had hung in Jackson’s bedroom for him to look at and for us to talk about who was in all of these pictures. (It would still be hanging in his room but we don’t plan on staying in our condo long term, so nothing hangs on the wall!) Oh, and we talk about open adoption just as anyone talks to their children about learning manners. We never want it to be a secret or something that is to be ashamed of, it is just part of our lives and we talk about it!

I know I have mentioned it before that this last year has been probably the hardest of my adult life. But it has made it even more clear to me how important family is. Growing up, I would say that I didn’t have the “typical” life of a child but as I continue to grow up (yes, I am still growing up!) I realize more and more how important family is. There is that saying out there, blood is thicker than water. Well in high school (oh yes, I was drama filled in those years!), I would have told you that isn’t true, my friends will also have my back. Then I had a child of my own. And then I realized just how true that statement is. I will fight to the ends of this earth for Jackson and what is best for him.

Family as defined by the ‘ole, “is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not.” You know what my favorite part of that definition is, whether dwelling together or not.  That is why Heather, her mom, her dad, her children, her grandparents, her sister, etc., they are our family too! And why it is so important for us to showcase that to Jackson, because no matter what, this kid has an army of people who love him and we won’t ever let him forget that!



2 responses to “First Christmas.”

  1. Jess I love it. Thanks for continuing to share about Jackson, you all, and the journey you’ve been on.


    1. Thank you Jordan! It has been really fun and great to write about it!! Thank you for reading it!!! Love to you all!!!


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