Heather’s Response

Whoa, Thanksgiving has come and gone just like that. In case you missed my Thanksgiving Day post, check it out here.  But we are now back on track and wanted to share Heather’s response to my baby shower post. And lucky for you guys, her sister Jamie has shared her reaction to my post!!! How cool is that?


Heather’s response:

I was throwing my sister’s baby shower, and I just couldn’t NOT invite Jessica. For 1, I wanted to see her again SO BAD after Party on the Pavement! 2, she has always been a great friend to me, and she is totally a part of my family! 3, I wanted to share my sweet baby boy with her. I love sharing the greatest gifts God gave me (my kids) with my loved ones, but there’s just something magical about sharing them with Jessica. I let her know that it’s okay if she didn’t bring Jackson, because even though I love seeing him and would be open to him coming (of course), I wanted to get the chance to just hang with Jessica without the kids. It’s a baby shower, and that’s usually a “girl thing” anyway. I remember JJ and Jessica mentioning in our adoption video that people were sometimes sort of afraid to invite them to things like this, and I didn’t want to be that person. No way! I was so happy Jessica came. She came early, willing to help with anything. I told her she could just hold baby Michael, while my mom and I took care of everything else. Even my dad was there early helping out, and was able to talk with Jessica. The time spent with her that day just proved to me even more how amazing she is – loving, open, and strong. Also, to be able to share my precious new baby with her made me feel so happy. I was happy that the baby shower turned out fun, my sister was smiling, people were laughing with all the games we did, my mom made great food, and we had a lot of loved ones altogether. It was just a great, memorable time, that I’m so happy Jessica was a part of!

Jamie’s response:
When Heather asked me if Jessica could attend my baby shower, I didn’t think twice before saying yes. Jessica has become family, like one of those cousins you don’t get to see often but look forward to spending time with at family get togethers. I have to admit, I felt a little foolish that I didn’t think of it myself. I was excited to talk to Jessica about their little girl that they were in the process of adopting that was due just a few weeks after my baby. I thought it would be great that the girls would be so close in age and they would be able to play together at family get togethers. Obviously God had some different plans for that baby girl and the Heesch family. I remember feeling so disappointed and hurt for them when I heard the news a few weeks after my baby shower and also a little guilty that in a few weeks I would be bringing my baby girl home. My baby shower was not what I had expected, quite a few amount of guests had told us they were no longer able to attend in the few days prior to the day so there was only about 10 to 15 of us total. For my large family and friends that is incredibly small so I worried it was going to be lame and people would be bored. It turned out really cool, the shower was very relaxed, we were all able to talk to each other around the long table we gathered at, we had way too much food  and had fun with baby game activities. The video of the diaper game came up in my Timehop a few weeks ago and I was no joke laughing so hard watching the video while waiting in the pickup lane at my oldest daughter’s school that I looked up and the lady in the car next to me was looking at me with quite the perplexed expression, LOL. Baby Michael was being cuddled and passed down the table as we all chatted with each other and talked about babies, children and life. It was never awkward at the party having Jessica there nor will it ever or should be. I enjoyed having Jessica there, I’m sure my family did too. Jackson has molded 2 families together that would otherwise have never crossed paths. That’s what makes God’s grace and open adoption so special 🙂

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