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So I have given many shout outs here on the blog lately, and realized this one is most certainly over-do. I know I have told you all over the course of this blog that I didn’t have the “typical” upbringing as a child, which is true, I didn’t. My parents divorced when I was young, they were both alcoholics (thankfully my mom is not anymore!) and things were never really “normal” in our household. To the point when I turned 18 and graduated, I was out the door! I moved out as fast as I could. Not because I didn’t get along with my parents (my mom and stepdad are who I call my parents) but because I thought I needed the independence.  I thought it would be “better” on my own. I thought I knew what the heck I was doing. The key word there, THOUGHT.

It didn’t take me too long living on my own to realize, yeah, I probably should NOT have done that so fast.  I missed my mom. Not the drama of being a teenager and “fighting” with my mom but just missed her presence. And it was the first time I realized I missed her. It also didn’t take me long to realize (it took me longer to admit) I am exactly like her. I would call her and say something and realize, yup that is exactly something my mom would say or do. Oh goodness, if you know my mom, you know that she is quite the trip, so you know why I was hesitant to admit I was just like her!!

But then I became a mom myself. I think it took me all of a hot second to realize the capacity in which my mom worked to raise children. Or for that, any mom out there.  There is a good chance I realized that when I was sleep deprived but nonetheless I realized I never told my mom thank you. I never thanked her for taking me to school everyday (except the years I rode the bus). I never thanked her for working several jobs to put food on the table or clothes on my back.  I never thanked her for washing my clothes, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, losing sleep over constant worry for her children, I simply never thanked her for being my mom. So thank you mom. Thank you for mastering the skill of being a mom. I won’t say you did it perfectly, because I don’t think anyone does or can. But I will say you did one hell of a job and have been an excellent teacher!


While I was doing some research the other day I found this definition of mom “The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.”  So to all you moms out there. Way to kick butt at one of the hardest jobs out there. I am not saying being a dad is any easier but I will say there is something in women that drives them to places they didn’t know existed until they were a mom.  As I reflect on that definition, my mom, my past, my mother-in-law and my sweet Jackson, I think I am right where I need to be, Jackson’s mom. I will love him unconditionally, I will always put him before myself and he will always be able to count on his momma!!!

So if you haven’t told your mom thank you, tell her thank you. Tell your mom she made it look easy. Tell your mom she did a heck of a job raising you. Tell your mom she is an awesome grandma. Tell your mom you love her. Tell your mom just how much you appreciate her. Then tell a momma you know she is doing a good job. It is probably one of the best things you can tell a mom is that she is doing a good job. Mommas out there, whether you are reading this in bed, drinking cold coffee, waiting in the pick-up-line at school, or while your kiddos nap, know you are doing one hell of a job!!!

And a huge thank you to Heather for being brave enough, strong enough, smart enough, and mom enough to make the choice of giving a piece of herself to me and allowing me to become a mom. For without your selfless decision I wouldn’t be in this place. And you girl, are rocking it as a mom of three!!!



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  1. Kleenex please…I will respond to this later when I have my thoughts in order..but thank you…and as usual damn watery eyes…


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