“There is just something so special about that little boy, he brings out the best in me.”  “And I realized 5 minutes later after seeing you guys I was still smiling, he made my day” I recently heard these words spoken of Jackson and it just hit me.  The power of this little boy has changed not only me, but has changed the world, already.

In fact, we fund-raised with http://ordinaryhero.org/ while going through our adoption process. Check out their website for full details, but they were instrumental in helping us raise the funds to complete our adoption. I don’t know if they still do it or not, but back when we were working with them, they had “contests” that you could win “extra” money from them if you raised the most money during those contests. I can’t remember if we won one or two of the contests but I know we at least won one. So, thank you to all those who supported us during that time in our lives.


One of their main slogans is “I’m going to change the world.” I didn’t know it at the time (that was over 8 years ago) that we were going to be blessed with just that. Heather has said it all along, that there was something so special about Jackson. And we couldn’t agree more.

2017-10-08 13.09.35

He has brought two completely different families together as one. He has mended relationships. He has brought an endless amount of joy to everyone he meets. He has melted the hearts of several people. He has changed people. Now, I don’t want him walking around thinking he has some super power- because if you ask him he already thinks he is Batman, Superman, Hulk, and recently the Joker! But I cannot express to you all just how special he is. He lights up a room with his gigantic smile. He warms your heart by his tender touch. He somehow just knows the rights words to say to make your fears melt away.


Oh, and I am working on a blog post about our Christmas celebration with Heather and her family last weekend, I am just having a really hard time finding just the right words for it!  Hopefully it will be up before Christmas!!!


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