Some Babies Are Adopted.

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Note: This post contains affiliate links.

One thing I really like about adoption is there is a whole community out there of people who have been in your same shoes. It might not be exactly the same story, but they can relate way more than those who have not adopted. In fact, some of our closest friends have adopted children!

I know I have mentioned before that I have been writing articles for other blogs, websites, etc. and have been continuing to grow my “network” of adopted/adoptees/etc. And it has been great! Can’t wait to share those with you when they become public! I’m writing 2-3 posts every week. It’s a lot of work, but it’s been a great experience!

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About a year ago, I saw a kickstarter campaign for a book called “Some Babies are Adopted.” The book and the idea behind the book really peaked my interest. Now, we already have several books that are related to parenting and adoption; partially because I have absolutely no idea how to parent to begin with and more importantly I know I will have no idea how to bring up all of these questions and conversations as Jackson grows up, so I can use all the resources I can find. But, after reading this campaign, I just knew I wanted to help them get this book off the ground.

If you are part of the adoption family in any way, check out the book here. I highly recommend buying this book and if you do, turn to the very end of the book and you will find Jackson (he is in orange playing in the sand!) How cool is that? Not only will this book help explain adoption, but he is in it!!! We got two signed copies of the book for supporting the kickstarter campaign and I am sending a copy to Heather this week.  I think it is such a cool part of Jackson’s story that we can share with him and Heather can share with her kids too. How cool is that?

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In my next post I will be sharing another book that JJ and I read while we were yearning and wanting to become parents, Dear God, Why Can’t I Have a Baby. Until next time, don’t forget to check out this book here. 



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