I wrote this post a few months back while we were in Florida for a small get away while JJ was at a conference. Jackson still talks about this trip and his friend Mr. Marty. Which, Mr. Marty would be JJ’s principal, and thank goodness is a very kind person because on one of the trips Jackson just had to sit by Mr. Marty and put his stinky feet on him! Oh, Jackson you do not embarrass me at all!! I found this fitting to share now as we are discussing where to go on vacation with my parents this year. Who knows where we will end up, Colorado, Alabama, Michigan, or some place in between!!!

This may be a shorter post than normal, but as I write this I am currently listening to the sounds of a sleeping baby (at some point I think I might have to stop calling him a baby, but I am in denial that he is actually getting older?) Oh, and a cat meowing– that is the sound Jackson picked on his sound machine. All while sitting on the deck of our hotel room in sunny (mostly cloudy today) Florida.

2017-10-23 17.10.18

I remember receiving a letter from Heather, I can’t remember which one, but if I looked hard enough I could find it! She shared her heart, her dreams, her childhood, her adulthood, and that she has never even seen the ocean. For some reason that has resonated with me. Like I have told you before, I did not have a typical upbringing but somehow, someway we still got to go on family vacations. Now, they might have been driving destinations,campground stays, and nothing fancy, but I got to see the ocean when I was in the 4th grade (maybe 5th or 6th– but my point is I have seen it)– and in fact I have seen it several times since.


And Jackson, well Jackson has been to New York, Arizona and Florida already at the tender age of three.  I  have such mixed feelings about this. I want to give this kid everything. In fact I struggle BIG time with that. He asks, I say yes.  Most of the time I will say I want to give him everything I didn’t have as a kid. JJ will so kindly remind me that what Jackson needs most is our presence, not our presents. Boy do I hate when he has such great insight and advice.


But at the same time I struggle to tell Heather (or her kids) these things. I don’t want to “rub” it in their faces that Jackson does get all of these opportunities. When we were talking about our latest trip to Florida, Heather again mentioned she has never been there and someday they will go.  In the depths of my heart, I really hope they do. I want them to be able to experience the magic of a road trip, the beauty of the sea, the endless dreams that await them in life.


But until then, we will continue to provide endless (to our capabilities) opportunities for Jackson to see the beautiful world God has created. This year a trip with good ole’ grandma and grandpa is in the works. I can’t wait.


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  1. Nope you didn’t have a typical upbringing…I’m not really sure what that is to tell you the truth. There was nothing typical about me and that holds pretty true still today. You were dealt a pretty crappy hand. You don’t remember most of “mommy the drunk”and I am grateful for that. I’d rather not remember most of that myself however it’s a great reminder of what I don’t want to go back to…that place is very dark and scary. Family is important to me, all of my family.. I look forward to our trips. Typically son n laws don’t like vacationing with the in laws.. (sorry Jess still not typical). Your life has been blessed by the man upstairs and the choices you have made. Where will we go this year depends on the choice that gets pulled from the hat (sure it does)…but where ever we go, memories are sure to follow and you can never have enough of them…I want to find a pool with a diving board…this granny wants to do some flips. (Not very typical again, sorry Jess). Typical or not we’ve done ok, God took care of that.

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