Gotcha Day. Part 2.

2018-02-27 17.32.55

Jackson is getting older and older and is starting to understand more and more. Or, at least, he hears more and remembers everything. This is a blessing and a curse! We cannot have an adult conversation anymore without that kid hearing EVERYTHING!!!

Over the weekend I started to talk to him about his gotcha day. I told the story (he now knows or at least remembers he grew in Heather’s belly not mine!) of how we adopted him and had to go to court to make it final. I tell him it is the day he became Jackson Lawrence Heesch! Then of course he wants to watch this video. He calls it a movie! Oh this kid cracks me up.


I also told him (BIG mistake) that he would get a present on his gotcha day. Ugh. The next four days he asked if it was the day he got a present. Then the little stinker would say “where are they? Mom and dad’s closet?” “Just tell me where it is.” I guess we will be hiding his birthday and Christmas presents this year, the nosy little boy!!!

2018-02-27 17.32.15

It was a struggle to get through dinner because he knew after dinner he would get his presents. We told him the mailman was delivering them, so he would go to the door and check every 5 minutes!!  He was pretty excited when he opened the door and there were presents outside. I distracted him while dad put the presents outside!  He was even more excited when he opened the bags and there were two nerf guns (he calls them shooters!) in there. As you can tell by the pictures we know our kid pretty well! Plus, my husband and I will take full advantage of playing with these when Jackson is not around!!! Jackson is told he cannot point the guns at people or shoot people. But somehow my husband shot me right in the bum last night! Crazy how that happens!

2018-02-27 17.32.20

It was also 60 degrees on February 27th in Wisconsin, so of course we would play outside. He also got to play outside at daycare!!!  We played with sidewalk chalk and went for a bike ride. Jackson uses a balance bike (a bike without pedals) and has not really been able to pedal a bike yet. But he took out his little tyke bike and was able to pedal around a 6 block loop! I was so excited and proud of him. I want him to be little forever but I love when I can see him learn something new and be able to do it by himself!!


It was a perfect day. It was a perfect reminder of the amazing blessing he is to us. This parenting stuff is hard, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I promised myself that I would never take it for granted. We are one of the lucky ones, to have waited for almost 6 years and have our dreams come true. He was chosen. He is loved. He is ours!

2018-02-27 17.32.19


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