Dear Jesus.

2018-03-13 07.26.42

Oh you guys, we are in trouble. Jackson is going to be the class clown. If you haven’t seen already he is really funny. In fact, the other day I said to him, how did you get so funny. To which he replied “Because everyone likes it.” Oh, great, not only is he funny, he knows he is funny. I am a little nervous for him to go to school next year. He may be giving his teacher a run for her money!

We have been talking to Jackson about praying to Jesus when he is stressed out or just doesn’t know how to control his emotions. He has gotten into these fits where you just can’t talk to him. He isn’t hearing what you are saying and is just mad. So in those times, my husband and I both will just pray. Dear Jesus, please help Jackson calm down, or please give us strength or wisdom on what to say to Jackson.  We will pray out loud that he calms the situation or calms our hearts.


Well the other day Jackson was getting his shoes on and I calmly said “Oh, buddy that’s the wrong feet.” And pushed his shoes the other way. And he responded with “Dear Jesus, my mom is being mean again.” Are you kidding me? I didn’t even say it firmly or madly. I just said they were on the wrong feet!  But it goes to show he apparently does listen when we talk. Later that day he said “I am telling on you.” Who knows what I did this time. But it was just the two of us and I asked “Who are you going to tell?” Of course, he said “Jesus.” Oh great, I am getting outsmarted and out skilled by a three year old.

2018-04-18 18.40.39

At church on Sunday, I went to pick him up from his Sunday school class and asked him what he learned about today. He said “Jesus. But he wasn’t here today.” Oh goodness. Of course, everyone in the halls were laughing! So I said, where is he? He said, “In Heaven.” Yes, you are correct buddy. He is so smart and oh so funny! Because just before we went to church I asked him if he was going to learn about Jesus at church and he said “No, I am going to learn about God because Jesus is in heaven.”  Oh boy, this is going to be a fun lesson to teach him!!! See where I am coming from. He is too funny for his own good sometimes!

2018-04-15 18.36.01

But my Dear Jesus, goes a little something like this. Dear Jesus, thank you for this amazing gift you have given to us. Our sweet Jackson. He has changed the way I look at the world. He has changed the way my heart beats. He has changed to the way I love. He has changed me. And to think you had this in your plans all along. Oh, what I wouldn’t have given to know that back then. But Jesus, let me love you unconditionally and let my heart overflow with love for others. Let me be the best mom to Jackson and the best wife to my husband. Let me be the best me with you at the heart of it all.

2018-04-21 12.36.22

I have been listening to this song on repeat lately. Not because there is something wrong and I need healing but because the message behind it is so much bigger than that. Let me want the HEALER more than the healing, the SAVIOR more than the saving, the GIVER more than the giving, Jesus more than anything!  Not to mention Natalie Grant has an amazing beautiful voice!


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