11 Years.

2018-05-05 12.03.14

I can’t believe we have been married for eleven years! This last weekend we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  And if you know anything about me, you know that I love running. And what a better way to celebrate our anniversary than all THREE of us running a race!! JJ and I ran a 5k and Jackson ran a ¼ mile!  

It was the most perfect way to celebrate our relationship. Also, if you know anything about JJ, you know he doesn’t love running the way I do. But I think deep down inside, he actually loved it! In fact, he has signed up for another 5k. Well, maybe he didn’t sign up, I signed him up for him! Nothing makes me happier than running with him.

2018-05-05 09.58.09

And in the same way, if you know anything about Jackson, you know this kid does not stop running. It was so cool to see his excitement about the race! He talked about it for days. He was pumped up the entire time! He did amazing. He ran the whole thing! He did get distracted by a little girl who was crying the entire race. He even tried to hold her hand and encourage her during the race. It was the sweetest thing. He has a very tender heart. In fact, if you were to ask him about the race, the first thing he would say is, “that girl was crying.” He was so concerned for her, that after the race he was looking all over for her and asking where she was because he wanted to make sure she was ok.

2018-05-05 12.02.52

JJ and I talked after the race that it is such an amazing feeling to watch him want to help others who are hurting. In fact, that is my goal as a parent, for Jackson to have a caring and loving heart for others. We also talked that it is really awesome to see him get excited about running a race. It probably warms my heart more than his because I hope he takes after his mama and wants to run track. And not to mention, he would have a really cool track coach, his uncle Jon!

We went out to eat after the race and on the way and saw a man holding a sign that he was hungry at the stop light. We had gotten two bags of chips at the race that were in the car. I asked JJ if he wanted to give the man a bag of chips and he said yes. So we rolled the window down and gave the man a bag of chips. Right after he took the chips, we saw him praying. Now, I have no idea what this man’s story is. I don’t know if he really was hungry or if he was even praying but I do know, there was a lesson to teach Jackson in this moment. So, when Jackson asked why we were giving that man the chips, we told him that he was hungry and didn’t have any food and we had plenty of food and money to buy food. Jackson wanted to know why he was hungry, because he was standing out there all day, he said? We said we didn’t know why he was hungry but that the sign said he was hungry, and we had more than enough to give him.

2018-05-05 12.02.25

It is moments like this that I love being a parent. It is also a good thing I had sunglasses on, because my eyes welled up with tears when I saw the man praying. Because there is also a lesson for me in that moment. He was so thankful for the little bag of chips that we gave him that he took the time to pray. Whether he thanked God for us giving him the chips or even prayed for us or prayed at all. It made me realize that I should probably stop a little more (actually a lot more) and thank God, even for the little bag of chips He has given us. But even more so, thank Him for the many, many, blessings He has given us.


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