Oh snap. I never in my life thought I would be considered a writer. In fact, I don’t even know how I passed English class in high school! I did, however, take a creative writing class with Mr. Foster in high school. I loved it. I love expressing my feelings through writing. He always told me I was a good writer but I never thought I was. Maybe it was because I was in high school or maybe it was because I had very little self esteem back then. But then my husband pushed me outside of my comfort zone and encouraged me to start this blog.

Then I found an opportunity to write for adoption.com. And I recently got asked to be a staff storyteller on adoption.com. Say what? Me. Simple Jessica. Write my story. Our story. Of course, I would be honored to write our story!!


Not too long after I started writing the blog someone asked me why are you writing this blog? Or what do you want to get out of the blog? Or, in this case why do you want to tell your story? I want to tell our story because it is worth telling. Maybe not to everyone but to us, to me, it is worth telling.


I remember while waiting for our adoption to come through, I said if me going through this hard situation helps at least one person, it is worth going through. So, I may never meet some of my readers. I may never even know who reads our story. But if it resonates with one person, it is worth telling. Now, my voice is going to be heard all over the world? I still can’t get over it.


And recently, the adoption sites I have been writing for were looking for more writers. And, of course, I suggested that Heather become one of the writers too. How amazing is that? Could you imagine both of us writing our story publicly. I am so freaking happy right now!!! Even more so, I just love this beautiful life we have created with our two families. Never in my wildest thoughts did I think this is what our life would look like. Thank you God for knowing better than all of us and giving us all exactly what we needed! You are amazing!



2 responses to “Writer.”

  1. That is so amazing!! I’m so happy for you and of course for my daughter!! Yes your story is so inspiring and people need to hear it especially in today’s society. Congrats!!!

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  2. You are all an amazing inspiration to so many! 💝


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