You Are Lucky.


I was reading this article the other day, Don’t Tell Me How Lucky I am to Have a Good Husband,

I could not help but think I could have written this same article. I have heard several time how lucky I am to have JJ as my husband and Jackson’s dad. While I take that as a compliment, I must say this article gives you a glimpse into the way my heart feels every day.

2017-08-12 15.26.40

You are right, I am lucky JJ loves me and takes care of me the way he does. But I would not have married someone that I didn’t think would love me the way he does. Or someone who would treat me any less than the best. I didn’t have the best examples of beautiful marriages growing up, but in my head I had a “picture perfect” view of what I wanted my marriage to look like. But just as the writer of this article said, I work hard for this marriage, for our marriage. If anyone ever told you marriage is easy, they lied to you. It is not. It requires work. It requires attention. It requires compromise. It requires dedication. It requires sweat, dirt and tears. And if you are anything like me, a lot of tears. Because I cry at the good, the bad and the ugly!

2018-04-29 13.00.41

As I write this, we are our way back from a mini-weekend getaway to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. It was short (3 days) but it was worth every second to find time to be with each other, uninterrupted. We both love being parents, more than anything in this world. But we also know the importance of still finding time for each other. We can’t be good parents without being a good wife/husband/person first. My advice to all you parents out there, find the time to be with your spouse still.

2018-05-05 12.02.52

So, am I lucky to have JJ as my husband and Jackson’s dad? Lucky, that he picks Jackson up from daycare everyday? Lucky, he loves Jackson the way he does? Lucky, he puts Jackson’s needs in front of his own? No? Not lucky. It wasn’t by luck he became my husband. It wasn’t by luck that he became Jackson’s dad.  It was all God’s plan. And if I say so myself, he is darn good at being a husband and a father. But I prefer BLESSED. Blessed to have him as my husband and Jackson’s dad. Blessed that God gave him to us.

I prefer blessed. Very blessed.



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