22552775_10155864621504413_6653505453604240930_nI again am going to interrupt the intent (sort of) of this blog to remind you all of something Heather and I have been doing together for awhile now.

Awhile back, I took a chance on becoming a writer for adoption.com. I love to write. I always have. It is one of my releases. I can release my emotions on pen and paper. Or, well, now on the computer! But I always did it for me, not for the world to read. So when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. Partly because my husband was a little more excited about it than I. I wanted to impress him, even after 18 years together and 11 years of marriage!!

Then they contacted me about becoming even more of a regular writer. Yikes! Talk about intimidation. But I let the Lord take control and I took on another role.

Then not much longer they asked if we knew anyone else that would be willing or able to write for them. My immediate response was Heather, Jackson’s birthmom. It is one of the ways we are similar, she too loves to write! When she agreed, I was beyond happy. One, how incredible that we both would be writing and sharing our story, our experiences, our knowledge, and our personalities?! But secondly, I knew she would get paid to write. I didn’t do it for the money and I don’t think she did either. But knowing that I had something to do with the fact that she could be bringing in extra money for her family, made my heart smile with joy. And last month one of her articles was #3 in the amount of views it had out of almost 100 articles posted that month. Way to go Heather!!!! You never cease to amaze me.

In an effort to spread our articles even further, I am going to post the links in this blog post. I will occasionally just showcase some more of our work. One, because I love to expand our audience. But also because I want everyone across the world to hear our story!!!

These are in no particular order!












There are more out there and there are more to come. I don’t know about Heather, but I am, on average, writing about 3-4 articles a month. Not to mention trying to keep up on the blog. But most importantly, trying not to miss out on the moments and memories with our son!!

And don’t you all worry, I will keep you posted as the articles get published!!!


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