Need A Little JOY!!!

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One of the best lessons I learned a few years ago was the process of learning how to build margins in to your day. I know, I know, we are all super busy. We go from one place to another, shuffles kids from here to there and wonder how we will get through the days sometimes. I wish there was a way I could explain to you how important this is. Not filling your entire day with stuff, leaving room for the neighbor that needs sudden help, the teacher that needs an extra hand, the kid that needs a little more attention. Or if you are lucky, the aunt that needs someone to go to the concert with her.

That was me. Last year my aunt called and asked if I wanted to go to the for King and Country concert with her. We didn’t have any plans (see how nice that is) and it was a great opportunity to go to a concert, especially with someone I love and look up to. I didn’t know that much about the band, but knew a few of their songs. That was good enough for me. I could write a whole blog post about our night together, but I will save that story for another day!

Then fast forward to this last year when JJ and I went to their Christmas concert tour. It was an incredible night and we love, love, love their music. When we ordered our tickets we also got cd’s with them. Naturally, we put one in each of our cars. It was all we listened to for weeks and Jackson got to know all of the words. Music is his jam. He loves it. It can change his mood faster than anything else.

There is a song called, Joy. On the way to school one day we were listening to the song and he belts out as loud as he could, JOY.

Can you imagine how different his day started off just by singing those happy words at the top of his lungs? He brought me so much joy. I can only imagine how he felt walking in to school that day. We laughed and we sang on our little trek to school. It’s our new thing.

We recently got a Veggie Tales cd from the library (we may be the only ones who still check out cd’s). It too has become our jam. Jackson’s favorite right now, Jonah was a Prophet. On repeat!!! So if you see a black GMC cruising down the road, know we are probably jamming away inside!!!

How do you start your mornings? With a little JOY?! If not, I encourage you to try it!


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