Happy New Year y’all. I cannot believe 2017 has come and gone, just like that. I know I have mentioned that 2017 has probably been the most challenging of my adult life. That is not even a stretch from the truth, it really has been. But there has also been a lot of good that has come out of 2017,  let’s reflect back for a little bit.

One, Jackson got rid of his pacifier. Who wouldn’t count that as a blessing!! He also got out of his baby crib and into a “big boy” bed! And he also became potty trained. Wow, he is growing up right before our very eyes. In fact the other day he got himself out of bed, went to the bathroom, got underwear out of his dresser and came downstairs, all by himself. I may have had a small breakdown, as you slowly realize you are needed less and less. Ugh, I can only wait for next year when he will go to school. This momma will be the one following him down the hall, into his classroom, and may just spend the rest of the day there!


Two, I started this blog. My husband has been telling me for years to start a blog and I brushed him off because I didn’t think I had anything to talk about that anyone was interested in listening to. Well, in hindsight I have a lot to talk about and I guess I have a lot who want to listen. So thank you to all of my followers. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey or at the very least thank you for allowing me to share with you our journey. I also had no clue what it would do to our relationship with Heather. I had no idea how close it would bring us. If I would have known that I would have done it a long time ago! But of course like many things in life hindsight is 20/20. So for now I will just treasure what we have and keep telling ya all about it.


Three. We sold our house and moved into a townhouse.  We did this for many reasons but mainly so Jackson would be in a better school district. Oh man, the things you do for your children! We also were not in love with our house. It was a house not a home. So much had happened at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 in our lives that we needed a clean slate. We needed a better place to call home. And let me tell you, it has been one of the best things of the year. Our neighborhood is amazing. We have met some of the nicest people in the world. In fact, two houses down lives Bonnie, oh sweet Bonnie. Who, when Jackson had a sore throat a few weeks back, went to McDonald’s (she goes everyday, it is right down the street from our house) to buy Jackson a milkshake. Because don’t you all know a milkshake will help a sore throat. Well, when Bonnie got back Bonnie wasn’t too happy. The milkshake machine was not working and the new girl (because Bonnie knows them all) didn’t know how to fix it so she got him just a dish of ice cream and proceeded to give JJ $3 so he could buy Jackson a milkshake at a different McDonald’s. Oh she is just the sweetest. Of course that doesn’t include the neighbors that brought us puzzles for Jackson, or the neighbors that let us borrow their bounce house for Jackson’s birthday party or the neighbor that gave Jackson a bike or the other neighbor that gave Jackson a scooter. I am telling you, it is just the nicest little neighborhood. And right along side of that I have been doing some freelance writing for adoption.com. Of course when they are published works, I will let you know. Until then I will just keep these fingers typing.


Four. We started some amazing new traditions with Jackson’s birth-family. Which we hope to continue as long as the Lord lets us. Of course this included our camping trip this last summer. Which we have already talked about setting a date for next year and my parents are also coming next year. There is just something I love about camping. Well there are a lot of things I love about camping but there is something even more spectacular when you are doing it with your son’s birth-family. It brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes just thinking about it! Of course we hope to make our Christmas get together an annual tradition as well.  And who knows what else 2018 will have in store for us.

2017-06-24 16.19.49

Lastly, we are all here to celebrate a new year together. Having almost lost one of my parents this year I seem to have a new outlook on life, or at least on relationships. I wasn’t and am not ready to lose either of my parents or for that fact anyone else in my life. I know it is the circle of life but I just am not ready. So we will enjoy every moment we can with every single member of our family.


Until 2018 graces us with her presence, be in the present! (Of course I wrote this with every intention of posting it before the new year, but I didn’t!!)


One response to “2017.”

  1. “Hope is the Only thing stronger than fear”.. I just love that Jessica!!
    I also cannot believe 2017 has come and gone. I am so thrilled to be able to read your reflection on the year.
    It makes my heart smile reading about Jackson’s milestones, and I feel you- its so hard watching your baby grow and not be a baby anymore. (baby Michael is starting little tantrums already! Feels like just yesterday he was a little peanut curled on my chest) I am also so excited for you – what lies in store for you as parents as Jackson becomes more of a “big boy”.. I just cannot wait to hear more as he grows!! I am so happy you started this blog, too. I am glad to hear JJ encouraged you to do this, and you did it! I want you to know that I will always be interested in what you have to say! I am also so excited to hear that you have been writing for different websites, and I am really proud of you for opening up yourself on this journey. You do touch the hearts of others, and I pray your openness always does that! I’m also so happy to hear that you are loving your home and neighborhood. & that the people around you are so kind and caring. Im glad to hear you enjoyed the time we have spent together just as much as I have. Also super happy to know that your parents are all doing well, and that the struggles throughout this year have brought you closer together and deeper in heart. Sounds like you had a great year, throughout all the struggles. You all got this! & Gods got you!!

    2017 has been the most life changing, challenging year of my life!! I went into 2017 with absolutely NO hope at all, and was just so unhappy with my life. & This year was hard, painful, eye opening, and full of so many life changing events for my family. Coming into 2017, so many things in my life were sorta flipped upside down from how I desired them to be. My faith (I felt so apart from God), my personal love for myself, my family unit, my health, my relationships, my connection with my birth son and his family, my home, I can go on really…. Through the heaviness of it all, I am sooo grateful to look back on a year and see the difference this year has made, for the better. I can sit here in the early days of 2018, and am generally content with my life, and everything I’ve gained. FAITH is a big one, and its my foundation. I literally cling onto my faith with everything I have in me. STRENGTH.. Theres a saying by Bob Marley “you never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”… Hope. Hope. Hope. That’s why I love that quote you included, because I have gained so much hope in my heart this year. and The more HOPE I gained, the more FEAR melted away. Throughout this whole year, I wanted to believe that God would work everything out for my good. Througout the year, Something “MORE” kept happening, and Romans 8:28 kind of explains what happened in my life, and my change of heart and mentality throughout this year. Everything in my life, now, seems to be flipped back or right where God intends it to be, for now.. & I believe he’s going to continue to work on me, my children & my family & I trust him, and I am excited and remain hopeful what 2018 has in store. About 5 years ago, I got tattoos on my feet. They are definitely goofy looking now, kind of worn and you can barely read what they say, but…. Anyways, one foot says, “Let Go” the other foot says, “Let God”… Pretty ironic I got a tattoo 5 years ago, but actually REALLY understood the meaning this past year. Let Go & Let God! I just feel abundantly blessed.
    I want you to know how happy I am that our relationship grew this year. I am happy that I have been able to spend more time with you all, and have grown to know you more. I am happy that I had opportunities to give you advice. I am grateful for the advice you have given me. I am happy to know you. I am happy you look at me as a friend. I am happy to have you all in my life. I can go on and on… I love you all & am thankful for you! Looking forward to this new year!


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