Pool Party.


I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while. It has been a crazy busy life this week. But let’s talk about last weekend. This last weekend we spent the weekend at a hotel with Heather and her family. First, who doesn’t love spending the night in a hotel?! Well, I used to love it a lot more. It was so peaceful. Someone else to make my bed for me. Someone else to clean up after me. Sleeping in. Vending machines. Continental breakfasts. Man. I thought Jackson would have slept like a rock he swam and played so hard. But, I was wrong. He slept horrible. And left this mama tired.

2018-03-17 18.59.50.jpgLet’s get to the fun part though. Heather invited us a few months ago to another family tradition. Their family was growing so much it was hard to hold Christmas get togethers at someone’s house so they started going to a hotel and having a swimming party. I love this idea. In fact, we did it a few years ago too with one side of our family! I love especially when you have a lot of little kids. Get those kids tired!!  So of course, when Heather asked I was super excited. In fact, I texted her a few weeks ago and said see you this weekend. I was off a weekend, it wasn’t until the following weekend. I was just so excited to go. It doesn’t hurt that Jackson loves to swim, so that helped too!!!

2018-03-17 18.00.40

We got there at the same time as Heather’s grandma and grandpa. It is so fun when they all recognize us and welcome us with warm hugs and hellos. As we were checking in we also got to meet one of Heather’s cousins and her family! How awesome is that?! To be honest I probably have family my husband has never met because we don’t see them very often! But to have the chance to meet so much of Heather’s extended family is so awesome! We also found out that one of her cousins has been racing in the same winter running series as I have all winter long. Sarah- I am sorry we didn’t see you on Sunday. Let me know your next race, and we can meet up! Or if you ever want to run together.


Everyone else got there shortly after but of course, Jackson could not wait any longer to get in the pool. So we were all in the pool already. I cannot believe how much time kids can spend swimming. Well at least, Jackson. He spent at least two and a half hours in the pool when we first got there. We all then decided it was time to eat! Everyone signed up to bring something for a taco bar! How fun is that! Who doesn’t like Mexican food. I love it. One of my favorite foods!

2018-03-25 09.39.30

Side funny note. Our room was right next door to Heather’s cousin. We were all up getting showered and changed when her cousin knocked on the door and Jackson ran to the door and answered the door butt naked before I could stop him. She just wanted to tell us that we were all going to the meeting room to eat. Then he proceeds to say “Don’t stare at my peen.” Oh.My.Gosh. This kid is way too much for me to handle.

2018-03-17 16.09.33.jpg

We all went down and had dinner together. Luckily we were able to get the meeting room at the hotel, otherwise we would have all had to cram into someone’s room. And there was like 24 of us, so that would have been interesting. The kids got to run around (as much as they could) and played games. It was so cool to look around the room and know we were surrounded by four generations of Jackson’s birth family.


Like I mentioned before Jackson slept terribly. But as we were talking to everyone else, it seems that was the consensus for everyone. We saw each other for breakfast and then of course the kids had to go swimming again.

2018-03-18 10.01.59.jpg

Then it was time to go home. While I think everyone was tired and ready to go home. It is just a little sad when our time together ends. It is like when you get to the spend the weekend with your own family. They are no different to us. They are our family. And the good news is, in a few short months we will see them again for our annual camping trip.

2018-03-18 10.59.20

One last note. I have had several people say “I don’t know how you do it” in regards to spending time with Heather and her family. You know what, I don’t either. But there are some things as a parent you do for your children that you never understand. So, until God puts us in a different situation, we will continue to see Heather and her family and treasure every minute of it!


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