Leaving it All Behind


As a follow up to my post last week, I first wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all of your positive messages and encouragement. It has been so awesome to have such a positive response to such a life changing decision. Someone said, “it isn’t always easy doing the right thing.” You are right, it sure isn’t. In fact, not too long ago at work, I was looking out the window over the city and realized, I am leaving all of this behind. Not that I am really sad to leave the city, in fact, I can’t stand being in the city and am looking forward to going back to where things are a little slower paced!! But it is still hard to “leave” what you have known as home for so long.

Even more so, I look at my husband and am blown away by the sense of peace he has with this move. If y’all didn’t know, he sort of is amazing at what he does. In my humble, wife opinion that is! In fact, I am certain he found his calling when he went back to school to get his teaching license and then put all of his heart into his Insight program.  To be able to leave that all behind for what is the best thing for his family speaks volumes as to the kind of man he is. A man, that will “sacrifice” the fame, the fortune, the career, the advancements, etc. to change the life of his son.


We are in a position in our lives where we can live on one income. It just happens to be my income. Never in my life did I think I would be able to “carry” this family financially. But last summer we discovered the FI community. Something that has changed our lives, changed the way we think about money. So for the first time in basically our whole marriage, we have made it a priority to spend less. Not necessary make more money, but spend less and save more!

2018-04-26 18.38.34

So, if I haven’t said it publicly, thank you to my husband. Thank you for loving our son more than you love to work for the dollar. Thank you for loving your family more than loving the possessions we own. Thank you for loving me and looking out for me, even when I don’t see. But even more, thank you for finding the FI community to put us in a position that we can make this decision to move without being held back because of money. I cannot wait to see what this summer has to bring for us.

2017-08-12 15.26.40


One response to “Leaving it All Behind”

  1. It’s been pretty awesome talking to people about this decision. Many, many times people will respond with, “I could never leave a job without having something lined up.” While it’s a difficult concept because it’s been driven into us that we always need to be working, we must also be willing to step out in faith.

    I’ve also had people say, “Wow, I wish I could do that. My spouse and I have talked about how great it would be to be closer to our family, but we’re not in the position financially to do that.” My response is to check out choosefi.com and begin the journey to change your mindset about money.

    We only get one shot at this thing called life, make the most of it; we are!


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