To The One Who Gets His Heart.


I am on a roll with reading articles or watching videos (too much time on Facebook, probably!) and having those articles really resonate with me. But I watched this video the other day.


And let me tell you. I can’t really put into words how my heart feels watching it and then realizing the truth of the video. My heart beats differently because of Jackson. I see things in this world differently because of Jackson. I love differently because of Jackson. He filled a part of my heart I was missing. He completed our family. And I know someday, he will love another woman other than his mama. And a little piece of my heart breaks with that truth. But at the same time I smile from ear to ear knowing how lucky that woman is going to be to be loved by him.


Because if he loves her the way his daddy loves me, I know that woman will always know she is loved by him. She will never have to question her worth, her beauty, or her place in the world. She will never have to question his love for her. Because he will show her. He will tell her. He will look at her with such awe, everyday. His eyes will express his love for her with just one look.


That’s the thing, we aren’t just raising a kid here, we are raising someone’s future husband and hopefully someone’s future daddy. I do not, we do not, take that lightly. Some days it feels like a daunting task and we aren’t doing it right (whatever that is!) But we sure are going to give it our all. I didn’t have a great example of what a dad is supposed to do (biological dad) but I had someone step in when he didn’t have to. He stayed. He taught me to draw. He was patient. He taught me to drive. He was kind. And he is an even better grandpa to Jackson. And then JJ became a dad and I was in awe of  the example he sets for Jackson. And if he is anything like his daddy, she will be honored to call him her husband.


To Jackson’s future wife. I know you are out there somewhere. And my prayer for you is that you wait until he finds you. Don’t settle for anything less than the man you deserve. He is out there. And he will find you, right when God planned him to find you. Right when you least expect it. But right when you need him the most. But I want to tell you this one thing. I love him in a way you never will be able to. That doesn’t mean he will love me more than you. Because if i know him, he will love you with every ounce he has. But a piece of my heart will always be with him and a piece of his heart will always belong to his mom! I held his hand when he was scared. I took care of him when he was sick. I was his comfort. He turned to me first. And someday it will be your turn. My only request for you is that you love him with all that you have. He is my one and only. And someday he will be your one and only!


Until then, I will treasure every minute I have with him.



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